The Building

The Building

Opus Hong Kong

“I designed the building for Hong Kong, to respond to the unique conditions of the city. You wouldn’t build this anywhere else.” Frank Gehry

Anchored against the sublime hillside, OPUS HONG KONG draws its inspiration from the breathtaking scenery surrounding the site. “I thought the building in such a beautiful spot should have an organic feel to it,” says Gehry. Finely tuned glass-enclosed columns form the structure, twisting up around the building like reeds swaying in the breeze. “It gives a delicacy to the façade,” Gehry adds.

The building consists of 12 luxury residential units. There are two double-level garden apartments with private swimming pools on the lower levels, and 10 unique apartments above, each occupying its entire floor and offering access to roof-top swimming pools .

The building’s helical external structure also reduces the need for load-bearing walls, which allows the open-plan apartments to flow around a central core and the sinuous façade of the building to be composed almost entirely of glass - even the columns are encased in it. As a result the interiors are light and airy with minimal interruptions to the view.

The building turns as it rises giving each apartment a unique floor plan and its own spectacular outlook to the city below and the hills around. Each apartment has a series of balconies conceived as ‘boat decks’ that are carefully orientated to make the most of the dramatic panorama. Views of the building from the city are equally striking, as the tower’s distinctive silhouette stands out against the lush green landscape.